Wellness packages

Foot reflex zone massage

This treatment helps to reduce stress and tension and creates new energy increasing daily health and well-being.

Lymph drainage

The lymph drainage assists transport of used blood vessels and supports in particular the body’s immune system.

Hot Stone-Massage

The effort is to lose tensions by using heated volcanic rocks. The contrast of hot and cold is positive for the autonomic nervous system.


The Dorn-Breuss-Massage is a gentle and energetically back massage. This massage is perfect to lose deep rooted tensions in the whole back area.

Relaxation massage

Simply relax and unwind ...
A gentle massage with essential, warm oils as a pure delight for everyone. Each oil has its own impact, which is especially harmonised to suit every person.

Swedish Massage

Adjusts the circulation of the blood and energy flow, purifies and also boosts the body defences. Helps with sore muscles, digestion problems, disruptions of the musculoskeletal system, burble displacements, oblique pelvis position,...

Back massage 30 min: € 35
Total body massage 55 min: € 64

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